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Earth, Blood, and Arcane

The only kind of Witch you can be born into is Arcane. It is hereditary and the magical DNA is vastly different than Earth and Blood. In general, Earth & Blood Witches are the same but just described by the matter in which you choose to use your craft. Blood Witches use their own blood to quicken and enhance the spells they make and often the kind of spells they specialize in call for the actual lifeblood - and death - of creatures as well as bones, etc. This does not mean that Blood Witches are “the bad guys” as they simply believe that life and death are equal parts. However it is commonly assumed, even amongst each other, that Blood Witches are darker people. There are more Earth Witches than the other two types.

There are also rarer enhanced Earth Witches that specialize in Weather magics which are generally called ‘Wizards’ rather than ‘Witches’ to differentiate the fact they are higher up on the scale of power in magic. *See information under ‘Earth Witches’

There are a lot of different ways to spell but the most common is much like a recipe with a list of ingredients and words that are spoken to bring the spell to life. Latin is the native magic language and is often used for spells, but isn’t exclusive. Common ingredients for spells are herbs, plants, personal items, hair/dna, liquids, and so on and so forth. Crystals, gems, stones and magical symbols (runes in specific) are also sources of power.

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